Access to the path "[DocumentCache]:\lock-14fmp2f~1hewarl~98400b.json.lock" is denied
Problem reported by Krunal Meher - 6/4/2024 at 4:27 AM
When we try to open a document in the viewer it sometime throws below error. 

Access to the path "[DocumentCache]:\lock-14fmp2f~1hewarl~98400b.json.lock" is denied due to insufficient permissions. Please make sure the current Windows identity TOMFORD\svcuser" has the required permissions On the path. 

As per your earlier comment in the Community Threads it says that this was fixed in version 5.9.6. 

We are curently on licensed version 6.4.5 and we are still getting the same error. 

Do you know how to resolve this?

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