Intermitent permission denied error accessing .lock file
Problem reported by Jorge de Abreu - 4/3/2021 at 4:42 PM
I am trying to demo DocumentUltimate to a client, so he will agree to pony up for a license. To simplify matters, I have a left menu where some of the options open a document on the right.

I am getting the message
"Access to the path "[DocumentCache]:\lock-1hshdfq~w44gb5~w44gb5~lpnqmy.json.lock" is denied due to insufficient permissions. Please make sure the current windows identity "REDEISP\spvIntegDevSvc" has the required permissions on the path."

I just get it some of the time, so I assume it really has nothing to do with permissions for that user. Most of the time the lock is just created and destroyed just fine. But when it starts going bad, it really goes bad... though not 100% of the time either.

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