Info: "(21): The device is not ready" error when renaming a file or folder
Announcement by Cem Alacayir - 10/12/2018 at 3:43 AM
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On some machines, you may see this error in FileManager when renaming a file or folder:
(21): The device is not ready:
Starting with FileUltimate v6.1.0 and FileVista v7.25.0 (release date was July 16, 2018), there is a new option for fixing this problem (if it actually happens on your system with even recent product versions).
You can now disable AlphaFS with this setting in Web.config:
    <add key="GleamTech:AlphaFileSystemEnabled" value="false" />
Or in code (usually in Application_Start method where you set your license key or other GleamTech related global settings):
GleamTechConfiguration.AlphaFileSystemEnabled = false;
This will fix “The device is not ready” error as it’s caused by AlphaFS and disabling and using regular System.IO would solve the problem. Recent product versions may not need this setting as they may include a newer version of AlphaFS which does not cause this error.

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Cem Alacayir Replied
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FYI, as of April 20, 2022, FileVista v8.8.5 and FileUltimate 8.4.0 disables this setting by default so the setting above is no more needed:

  - GleamTechConfiguration.AlphaFileSystemEnabled default value is now changed to false,
    as it may cause "The device is not ready" error on some systems. 
    Long path support on legacy systems should be opt-in.
There is no downside to this change, AlphaFS was used for legacy Windows systems where long paths (longer than 255 characters) were not supported well but this is changed in recent years.
Recent versions of .NET Framework already support long paths.

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