Is it possible to get the file name with parent folder names for a context menu selection?
Question asked by Alexandre Boucher - 10/20/2016 at 11:23 AM
I am using the following code to add a Context Menu Item in FileUltimate. I need to retrieve the virtual path of the selected file. I can retrieve its file name, but I can't know if the file is in a subfolder and if yes, what is the name of that subfolder.
I use the following code for showing and handling the Context Menu Element, which is call by the ClientLoading function of the FileUltimate:
function fileManagerLoading(sender: any, e: any) {
    var fileManager = sender;

    window["Ext"].override(fileManager, {
        createViewItemContextMenu: function () {
            var me = this;

            var menu = this.callParent();
                text: "Copy URL",
                icon: '/Content/Images/icons/copy-url.png',
                handler: function () {

            return menu;
Is there something I can do with the me.contextMenuSelection.data.id property (which looks like "GleamTech.FileUltimate.FolderViewModel-3"), since I can't use the name property?

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