Is it possible to Create Custom Folder viewing .XXX (xml File) in File Ultimate ?
Question asked by Nagendran - 4/16/2016 at 2:00 AM
Create Custom Folder Reading .XXX (xml File).
For example, if a basefolder is having the .xxx file it should be viewed as subfolder to the basefolder. Same way reading the .xxx file (Xml file) should create the subfolder's folder...
Basefolder --> SubFolder.xxx --> Folder1.xxx ....
By see the .xxx file format the Fileultimate should display it as Folder view in the application..
1. How can be done with File Ultimate ?
Also I would like to put a custom Icon for the folder with .xxx format folder.
2. How can add the custom Icon for the .xxx folder ?
Please suggest me the approach to it.

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Nagendran Replied
Anyone got an idea for the this kind of implementation with File Ultimate ?

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