DocumentUltimate v3.2.5 is released

This release includes the following changes:

  • Fixed: DocumentViewer will show “permission” error instead of “Document cache info not found” as expected
    when it does not really have access to network share that is used as a common disk cache folder.
    This will help to understand easily when the IIS Application Pool account on ServerB cannot access
    the network share that is hosted on SeverA.

  • Added: Bundled Microsoft.Web.RedisSessionStateProvider so that you can easily enable Azure Redis Sessions.
    Just add this setting to your application’s web.config, you don’t need to install additional Nuget packages:

        <sessionState mode="Custom" customProvider="RedisSessionStateProvider">
            <add name="RedisSessionStateProvider"
                    Microsoft.Web.RedisSessionStateProvider.Internal, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=a6f3cafa178e6038"
              connectionString="myConnectionString" />

    Get your connection string from your Azure Portal (Redis Cache -> Access Keys)
    Replace “myConnectionString” with the value you copy from “Primary connection string (StackExchange.Redis)”

  • Fixed: When you referenced GleamTech DLLs and you populated all types in AppDomain like this:

    var allTypes = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.GetAssemblies()
        .SelectMany(a => a.GetTypes())
        .Where(t => t.IsPublic);

    You would receive this error:

    Method 'Clone' in type '_hB' from assembly 'Licensing, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=a6f3cafa178e6038' does not have an implementation.

    Licensing.dll is fixed to prevent this error.

For the full version history of DocumentUltimate, please see here.