We have obsoleted the product family WebExplorer

We have obsoleted the product family WebExplorer (based on Classic ASP) so that we can better focus on our ASP.NET based products. WebExplorer Lite, free and open source edition was firstly released on January 2001 and since then it had been a very popular file manager for basic tasks. WebExplorer Pro and WebExplorer Server editions were firstly released later in year 2001 and they had been very useful products for our customers who wanted professional features. The WebExplorer product family had done its job and it was time to focus on products based on more recent technologies. For this purpose, we released the first version of FileVista (based on ASP.NET) on February 2006 and it has become a very solid product since then. We kept WebExplorer product family up till this time for legacy reasons but now it's time to drop WebExplorer product family completely because ASP.NET is clearly the dominant platform and Classic ASP is nearly dead. FileVista already includes all the functionality of the WebExplorer family and in addition, it includes more advanced features developed in years. FileVista is also free for single user starting with version 4.0 so it's a perfect replacement even for the free edition WebExplorer Lite.