FileUltimate v5.9.5 and FileVista v7.9.5 are released

This release includes the following changes:

  • Fixed: Thumbnails sometimes appeared blank in FileManager especially in Chrome.
    Also improved lazy loading of thumbnails with better “in viewport” detection.
    Also fixed CTRL+F5 (or “disable cache” in developer tools) causing broken images issue.

  • Fixed: Search box label was not changing when changing folders and it was always displaying
    the name of first root folder, although the search was done in the correct folder.

  • Fixed: Actions “Add to zip” and “Extract” could fail when dealing with zip files due to timeout.
    Also fixed zip generation for some files of certain size (exact divisible of 64k).

  • Improved: Date column will be empty for folders with default/min date (e.g. 01/01/0001),
    this is especially useful for AmazonS3 and Archive folders which usually does not have a valid/useful date.

  • Improved: Upload window: “Select files to be uploaded” label was truncated on high DPI.
    Added Remove and Clear buttons for better touch support (alternative to context menu), removed Close button.

  • Improved: Updated Media Player.

  • Improved: Document Viewer:

    • Fixed: Errors before “please wait a moment” dialog was not displayed. Also downloading indicator animation
      (blue rectangle) was not displaying (the one after “please wait a moment” dialog).

    • Improved: Conversion accuracy for WordProcessing, Spreadsheet, Diagram formats.

  • Fixed: License domain check for 3 letter domains failed as they were mistakenly treated as TLDs.
    Possible “Request is not available in this context” on probably earlier .net 4.0 versions when license key is set.

For the full version history of FileUltimate, please see here.

For the full version history of FileVista, please see here.