FileUltimate v5.9.2 and FileVista v7.9.2 are released

This release includes the following changes:

  • Fixed: Clicking on UI items was not working on Firefox 52+ when used on a touch-enabled device. Firefox changed a default browser behavior/setting in recent versions which broke clicking behavior in some products: If you have a touch enabled laptop or PC monitor and when you use a mouse, your clicks were not received by the controls displayed in Firefox. The problem did not happen if you did not use a touch-enabled device.

  • Improved: Document Viewer:

    • Fixed: Sometimes DocumentViewer’s vertical scrollbar’s bottom button was not visible.

    • Fixed: Especially on IE, DocumentViewer’s pan tool (hand cursor) was overlapping scrollbar so it made the user think the hotspot was on the scrollbar but when the user moved the mouse the user was actually still panning the document because the hotspot of the hand cursor was still on the document and not on the scrollbar. This confused the user thinking into clicking on scrollbar caused “jumping back to the first page of the document”. Now, when the user approaches a scrollbar, the hand cursor will be changed to default cursor and panning too near the scrollbar will be disabled. This way panning and scrolling actions will never be confused.

    • Fixed: When printing on IE, an extra blank page was being added at the end.

    • Improved: Viewing accuracy for Presentation and Imaging formats.

For the full version history of FileUltimate, please see here.

For the full version history of FileVista, please see here.