FileVista v7.9.0 is released

This release includes the following changes:

  • Changed: Licensing model. From now on, the license types are B10, B50, B250, B1000, Enterprise and Source. Your existing license type (Micro, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, Enterprise, Enterprise + Source) will still be valid but license keys are changed so please go to and acquire a new license key if you want to use this version (or higher). If your one year maintenance has not ended, you will receive a new license key without a charge. After your maintenance has ended, you will be able to upgrade to only new license types.

  • Fixed: DocumentViewer was not displayed in IE11 with “Please use an HTML5 Compatible browser” error when IE Enterprise Mode was active. This is because Enterprise Mode emulates IE8 and DocumentViewer supports IE9+. Now DocumentViewer will force latest IE mode and will display as expected even in Enterprise Mode.

  • Added: About Dialog which shows useful information about the product such as exact version. About Dialog can be accessed with the new “About…” button on the toolbar of Administration page. The information is this dialog will be helpful when you want to update your version and when reporting a problem.

  • Added: Imported users (Active Directory or any other external users that are imported) can now login without entering the domain part of the username. For example, if a user enters “John” in login dialog, first exact name will be searched then “Contoso\John” (Down-Level Logon Name) and then “john@contoso” (User Principal Name) will be searched.

  • Fixed: User Settings Dialog should not show “password change” option for imported users (Active Directory or any other external users that are imported) because passwords for these users are not stored in FileVista so changing password does not make sense and it’s not even effective. Also “password change” dialog which is shown upon login if the password has expired will not be shown for these users.

For the full version history of FileVista, please see here.