VideoUltimate v1.4.0 is released

This release includes the following changes:

  • Changed: Licensing model. From now on, the license types are Professional, Enterprise and Distribution. Your existing license type (Developer, Developer OEM, Site, Site OEM) will still be valid but license keys are changed so please go to and acquire a new license key if you want to use this version (or higher). If your one year maintenance has not ended, you will receive a new license key without a charge. After your maintenance has ended, you will be able to upgrade to only new license types.

  • Improved: Real version will be shown in “Description” field of Visual Studio reference property window. This is the FileVersion of the DLL, Visual Studio by design shows AssemblyVersion in “Version” field of that window which confused some developers. AssemblyVersion is changed only when there is a breaking API change which requires a recompile so it’s not changed often, however FileVersion is changed for every release. This way, the developer can make sure exactly which DLL version is referenced from within Visual Studio (no need to go to Windows Explorer
    and check file properties).

  • Fixed: Setting VideoUltimateConfiguration.Current.TrialExtensionKey did not have effect immediately, it was delayed for about 20 minutes.

  • Fixed: Unrecoverable crash for some “no picture sound only” video files with a runtime error in the Visual C++ runtime library when trying to generate a thumbnail or calling any of the methods VideoFrameReader.SetFrameWidth, SetFrameHeight, SetFrameSize. This happened when the file had no “pixel format”, now a regular catchable exception will be thrown for these corrupt files.

For the full version history of VideoUltimate, please see here.