DocumentUltimate v2.5.0 is released

This release includes the following changes:

  • Improved: Reduced DLL size from 79,2 MB to 56,7 MB.

  • Improved: Optimized engines to convert faster and also to use less memory. Some unnecessary conversions are removed for optimization. Improved the quality and correctness of some conversions.

  • Changed: New enum DocumentEngine which categorizes engine type according to format coverage e.g. Portable, WordProcessing, Spreadsheet etc. Removed old engine related enums and used DocumentEngine everywhere:

    • DocumentEngineEnforcement -> DocumentEngine

    • DocumentEngineSupport -> DocumentEngine

    • DocumentEngineType -> DocumentEngine

  • Changed: Renamed enum DocumentFormatGroup members to more generic names e.g MicrosoftWord -> WordProcessing.

  • Added: SpreadsheetInputOptions class for prodiving spreadsheet format specific options. For example setting property RenderColumnsFitToPages = 1, will make all columns of a spreadsheet fit to the same page. SheetRange property allows you to choose specific sheet numbers or predefined keywords like (works similar to PageRange class):

    • “all” -> keyword representing all sheet numbers.

    • “active” -> keyword representing the active sheet number.

    • “visible” -> keyword representing visible sheet numbers.

    SpreadsheetInputOptions class has many other options related to rendering of spreadsheets.

  • Added: DocumentViewer.InputOptions property which is a collection. For example an instance of the new SpreadsheetInputOptions class can be added to this property. By default the viewer will use the below instance for best results when displaying a spreadsheet document:

    new SpreadsheetInputOptions
      OutputSheetRange = new SheetRange(“visible”),
      RenderColumnsFitToPages = 1

    DocumentViewer.InputOptions property is implemented as a collection because in future we may provide more format specific options and the viewer will get the matching options automatically from this collection.

For the full version history of DocumentUltimate, please see here.