FileVista v7.7.5 is released

This release includes the following changes:

  • Improved: When closing “Create Public Link” window, the changes will be saved automatically, i.e. user will not have to click “Update” button first. The “Update” button is moved next to “Test” button so that user can still apply the changes before testing the link if required. The “Close” button is also renamed to “OK” to imply the new auto-save behaviour.

  • Added: Global policy options “Maximum public link age” and “Maximum public link hits” to the “Application Settings” window. Default value for this options is 0 which means they are not set. When this options are set, all public links will be first checked against this global policy even if they are not limited by the user in “Create Public Link” window.

  • Improved: Public link urls will now include the hashed ID (letters and numbers e.g. …/y42/image.jpg) instead of the plain number ID (e.g. …/175/image.jpg). In previous versions, it was still secure even when a plain number ID was used because you would also need to know the exact file name in combination to guess the url. It was not possible to just increment the number and access possible public links from the database. However the new mangled/unguessable IDs will ensure the user that public links are actually secure. The previously created public links will be still be accessible via their same urls and they will keep working, the new type of urls will only be generated for newly created public links.

For the full version history of FileVista, please see here.