DocumentUltimate v2.2.0 is released

This release includes the following changes:

  • Fixed: DocumenentConverterResult.OutputFiles sometimes did not match the actual file names when there were multiple outputs (e.g. it was Document-002.svg and not Document-02.svg).

  • Added: DocumentConverter samples to example projects for demonstrating possible conversions and listing all supported formats.

  • Added: JPEG XR (HD Photo) (.jxr, .wdp, .hdp) format support.

  • Improved: Enabled WMF format support again (EMF format was already supported).

  • Improved: Disabled browser’s right-click context menu for thumbnails in Document Viewer so that saving thumbnails is prevented.

  • Fixed: When FIPS was enabled on the machine, you could see evaluation watermark in viewed or converted documents.

  • Improved: Updated document conversion engines.

For the full version history of DocumentUltimate, please see here.