DocumentUltimate v2.1.4 is released

This release includes the following changes:

  • Added: Static Convert methods to DocumentConverter class for convenience. For a quick conversion especially when the input file will be converted once, static Convert6 method overloads can preferred instead of creating a DocumentConverter instance and calling instance ConvertTo method.

  • Fixed: In some cases you would still receive this dreaded error when opening a document in DocumentViewer:
    The type initializer for ‘GleamTech.DocumentUltimate.DocumentConverter’ threw an exception.
    This happened when the web application used a custom object derived from IPrinciple (custom authentication module). Loading mixed-mode DLLs causes cross AppDomain call and serialization occurs. Thread attached objects like custom principal (i.e. set via Thread.CurrentPrincipal) could not be serialized because it’s DLL was not found so this in effect prevented loading of the mixed-mode DLL

  • Fixed: DocumentConverter.CanConvert method was broken.

  • Added: Static EnumeratePossibleOutputFormats and EnumeratePossibleInputFormats methods to DocumentConverter class. EnumeratePossibleOutputFormats enumerates possible output document formats for a given input document file/format. EnumeratePossibleInputFormats enumerates possible input document formats for a given output document file/format.

  • Improved: Updated example projects Mvc.CS and Mvc.VB from ASP.NET MVC 3 to ASP.NET MVC 4 so that they can be properly edited (no Razor warnings) in Visual Studio 2015 while keeping compatibility back to Visual Studio 2010. Also added ASP.NET MVC 4 as Nuget references so that it can be restored automatically when project is ran in Visual Studio.

  • Improved: Merging of DLLs. We are now using an in-house built assembly merger and resolver. The new resolver is more performant (you should notice faster startup times), reduces the memory footprint, handles error better and provides detailed logging in the temporary folder and also in VS Debug Program Output Window when attached. Also the size of the product DLL files are slightly reduced due to better compression. We will offer this new assembly merger and resolver as a new product soon.

For the full version history of DocumentUltimate, please see here.