FileVista v7.5.5 is released

This release includes the following changes:

  • Fixed: Amazon S3 root folders can now list more than 1000 items. Also improved listing performance of folders so you should not have any problems with huge buckets.

  • Fixed: When Amazon S3 bucket was empty, it caused an error.

  • Fixed: IE11 on touch laptops were detected as a mobile device so Document Viewer was displayed in mobile mode. Improved mobile device detection to prevent this kind of issues.

  • Improved: Document Viewer. Some formats (e.g. common image formats and digital paper formats like XPS and EPUB) will be opened faster for first-time view. More formats can be viewed with Document Viewer.

  • Improved: Updated Media Player. Also updated the skin to youtube style.

  • Improved: Image and document caches will now group cached files for the same inputs in subfolders. Also the subfolder name will contain the original file name so it will be easier to locate the corresponding cached files for an input. The old cached files will be arranged into the new structure automatically one by one when they are accessed so no action is required.

For the full version history of FileVista, please see here.