FileVista v7.5.0 is released

This release includes the following changes:

  • Added: Thumbnails and Image Viewer will be available for the common raw file (camera format) extensions:

    • dng (Adobe)

    • arw, srf, sr2 (Sony)

    • cr2 (Canon)

    • nef, nrw (Nikon)

    • raf (Fuji)

    • orf (Olympus)

    • pef (Pentax)

    • kdc, dcr (Kodak)

    • mrw (Minolta)

    • erf (Epson)

    • rw2 (Panasonic)

    • dng (Leica)

    • srw (Samsung)

    • x3f (Sigma)

  • Added: EPS format support (if TIFF preview image exists inside it) for thumbnails and Image Viewer.

  • Improved: When a thumbnail generation fails for an image or a video file, an image of the file extension icon with a red error sign on the bottom right corner will be displayed. Thumbnail generation can fail when a file is corrupted or has some invalid format, for example some EPS files can not be opened if there is no TIFF preview image inside it. The special error image will be also cached so you will not see unnecessary errors related to thumbnail generation when you browse a folder with corrupted files every time. Also when clicked “Preview” on a corrupted image, Image Viewer will show a 256x256 size of this special error image.

  • Improved: Thumbnails will be generated vastly faster. EXIF thumbnails will be loaded and resized if possible. Also usual resize (Thumbnails or Image Viewer) will be faster for Jpeg files as downscaling will be used while reading them when possible.

  • Improved: Document Viewer. Updated document conversion engine, conversions will be faster and support for some file types like Microsoft Project (.mpp) are improved (chance of failing to load some files is reduced). Cache will not keep the file if conversion is failed before viewing the document. This will prevent possible ghost zero-size files. This way only successful results will be cached. This should prevent possible “Invalid XPZ file” errors.

  • Improved: Updated Media Player.

For the full version history of FileVista, please see here.