DocumentUltimate v1.9.0 is released

This release includes the following changes:

  • Improved: Updated document conversion engine, conversions will be faster and support for some file types like Microsoft Project (.mpp) are improved (chance of failing to load some files is reduced).

  • Fixed: Cache will not keep the file if conversion is failed before viewing the document. This will prevent possible ghost zero-size files. This way only successful results will be cached. This should prevent possible “Invalid XPZ file” errors.

  • Fixed: When ASP.NET impersonation was used via <identity impersonate=“true” userName="…" password="…" /> setting in web.config, the below error could be shown when opening a document: The type initializer for ‘GleamTech.DocumentUltimate.DocumentConversion’ threw an exception.

  • Changed: Renamed some classes and properties (note that meaning is reversed for some properties, e.g. “disable” to “enabled” so make sure you update your code accordingly):

    • DocumentConversion -> DocumentConverter

    • DocumentUltimateWebConfiguration.DisableEncryption -> DocumentUltimateWebConfiguration.EncryptionEnabled

    • DocumentViewer.DisableDownload -> DocumentViewer.DownloadEnabled

    • DocumentViewer.DisablePrint -> DocumentViewer.PrintEnabled

    • DocumentViewer.DisableTextSelection -> DocumentViewer.TextSelectionEnabled

    • DocumentViewer.ShowToolbar -> DocumentViewer.ToolbarVisible

    • DocumentViewer.ShowSidePane -> DocumentViewer.SidePaneVisible

    • DocumentViewer.DocumentPath -> DocumentViewer.Document

    • DocumentViewer.SetDocumentStream -> DocumentViewer.Document

    • DocumentViewer.SetDocumentBytes -> DocumentViewer.Document

  • Added: New class DocumentSource so that you can simpy set DocumentViewer.Document property to a string which contains the document path or to a DocumentSource instance created from a stream or byte array. DocumentSource class can be implicitly casted from string automatically so for files on disk you can simply pass the path string to DocumentViewer.Document property. In older versions you needed to choose between DocumentPath, SetDocumentStream and SetDocumentBytes, this way all document loading methods are encapsulated in one class and you have only one property (DocumentViewer.Document) to set.

  • Added: New class DocumentCache and moved PreCacheDocument method from DocumentViewer class to this new class. DocumentViewer class constructor was throwing a NullReferenceException error when in non-web environment (not ASP.NET project or when in a background thread). DocumentCache is isolated from web dependant objects so now you can realiably use PreCacheDocument method.

  • Added: New property DownloadAsPdfEnabled to DocumentViewer class. In older versions “Download as Pdf” button was effected by DisablePrint (new name PrintEnabled) property because downloading for example a DOCX file as a PDF file was considered same as printing that document. From now on, you can explicitly decide whether “Download as Pdf” button should be enabled regardless of print setting.

For the full version history of DocumentUltimate, please see here.