FileVista v3.2 and FileVistaControl v1.5.7 are released

Version 3.2 of FileVista includes improvements for mostly login and password management. Login page will now remember user name after a successful login and automatically login next time if "Remember me" option is checked. Application's settings page now displays two more options: "Password expiration age" and "Maximum invalid login attempts". Users without "Password never expires" option checked will be prompted to change their passwords according to the "Password expiration age" policy. Users will be locked out after the number of attempts as defined in "Maximum invalid login attempts" policy. Cookie login pass-through feature is added for allowing any external application's authenticated user to automatically log in. The login information is passed with a secure cookie so the external application may be of ASP.NET or any other server-side code (ASP, PHP etc.). An update wizard is added for easily updating versions. Other changes are noted in FileVista version history.
FileVistaControl v1.5.7 fixes some small problems as noted in FileVistaControl version history.