Getting Console error and Unable to view Document on mobile
Problem reported by Sahan Pathirana - 1/10/2024 at 11:18 PM

We are encountering an issue with our .NET web forms project using GleamTech.DocumentUltimate version 6.9.6. While we experience no errors on desktop, we face console errors on mobile devices. Document viewing is sometimes hindered, and the console error seems to originate from the JavaScript file, which we are struggling to resolve. I've attached images for reference.

For troubleshooting, we've checked the browser's developer tools, emulated mobile views, and attempted JavaScript debugging. We've also verified browser compatibility and looked for updates in the GleamTech.DocumentUltimate library. Our project has a responsive design, but the issue persists on mobile.

If anyone has insights into resolving JavaScript errors on mobile devices, especially related to GleamTech.DocumentUltimate, we would greatly appreciate your assistance.

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