Blob Cache Understanding Problem
Problem reported by Patrick Riehmers - 11/3/2023 at 12:47 AM
Hi all,

i have the followed scenario with 2 Applications, which shares the same Files and Cache Location
(Doc Ultimate Version 6.9.5)

1. ASP.NET Framework v4.8 Web Application
2. .NET 6.0 Core Web Application

They have both the same configuration for DocUltimate, use the same StreamFileProvider, with the exact same information for the same file. If run them localy with VS 2022, both applications use the same Cache file. I did some checks with CreateCacheInfo, localy thats the same!
Now, if i publish them to the Azure App Service, the 1. App (Framework v4.8) use the same Cache file BUT the .NET Core Application use a complete different Cache file.

ASP.NET Core localy & .NET Framework localy and in Azure

ASP.NET Core on Azure - Trace from Application Insight, where i log the CacheSourceKey:

Does anybody has an simular issue and knows how to solve this? @Cem, do you have some Information, how that Cache Key is created? 3 of 4 generates the same Key, only the online Azure .NET Core Application does it another way.

Thanks alot,
best wishes

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