Is there any up-to-date information on pass-through-login with FileVista?
Question asked by Conrad - 3/20/2023 at 12:25 PM
I've been searching for information on how to implement the pass-through-login feature in FileVista and have had some difficulty finding much aside from this 15-year-old post: https://forums.gleamtech.com/2925/pass-through-login

Is there any updated info on this in GleamTech's documentation that I could have missed? 

Asking because, for example, MD5 is mentioned in the quote below (which, granted, is from 2008) as what is used in FileVista's CryptoManager.Hash() function within the GleamTech.Utility.dll file, and I would hope that something a bit more secure (e.g. SHA-256) might be used.

"MD5Hash is your function that returns MD5 hash of userName string plus applicationKey string which should be the same key as set in FileVista.config. If using ASP.NET, you can reference GleamTech.Utility.dll in your application and use our CryptoManager.Hash() function for this purpose, there are also ASP versions for MD5 hash on the net."

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