IIS APPPOOL\FileVista (Impersonation)
Question asked by Lloyd Dewar - 8/4/2022 at 12:39 AM

Hello, I have a ticket open for this but i've been waiting some time for it to be picked up so i thought in the meantime i would ask the community. I have just set up my instance to upload files to a shared folder on a network server, i have all the groups etc all working and can see all the files and folder structure in filevista for the folder i mapped using a service account. The service account itself has full control over the folder in windows. The user i am testing has full control to the folder in filevista.. but when i upload something i am getting this error....

Access to the path "[Laser]:\upload-16589576326667331-part00.upload" is denied due to insufficient permissions. Please make sure the current windows identity "IIS APPPOOL\FileVista (Impersonation)" has the required permissions on the path.

please can anyone advise what i need to do? - i am no IIS expert!
thanks, Lloyd

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