Wrong file in DocumentUltimate
Problem reported by Krzysztof Ogniewski - 7/26/2022 at 11:24 PM
we have been using version 4.X of the Document Ultimate library for a long time. Recently we have updated the version to the 6.4.x version and we've updated our test server, and then the production server.
Our test did not show anything wrong, but the control on the production server (with a lot of files) started to show wrong files  - apparently from cache location folder (App_Data). When user clicked the Download button, the file was ok, but not in preview. Cleaning the cache did not help, the wrong file was still served.
We had to rollback the update on our production server and switch back to 4.X version.
Can you please let us know what might be the cause of this issue? Has anyone experienced such issue? Can this be related to duplicated temp folder names, like "~1wq72z2" - are these 100% unique?
Looking forward to hearing back from you,

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Brad Erickson Replied
We have had users of our web application report similar issues when we are using version 6.5.x.

Our work-around for now has been to clear the document cache and then change our Web.Config appSettings for DocumentUltimateWeb:CacheAutoTrimInterval and DocumentUltimateWeb:CacheMaxAge to have a value of "0:1" so it is constantly clearing the cache... Obviously not an ideal solution, but it seems to get it working well enough in a pinch for now, at least.

Definitely seems to be a bug that Gleamtech needs to look into resolving.

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