How to disable watermark FileUltimate. It's not show when run at localhost.
Question asked by Thanh Phạm - 7/20/2021 at 9:37 PM
I have project use DocumentUltimate on .Net MVC.When click file to view. It's show file content and watermark "Document Ultimate". But its not show watermark when i run at localhost.
I don't want display watermark, please help me hide it.
I have active Lic.

My code:
var documentViewer = new DocumentViewer
                Width = 800,
                Height = 1500,
                Id = "DocumentViewId",
                ToolbarVisible = true,
                SidePaneVisible = false,
                FitMode = FitMode.FitWidth,
                DisplayMode = DisplayMode.Window,
                Resizable = false,
                SidePaneTabsAtBottom = true,
                LayoutMode = LayoutMode.Continuous,
                Document = "~/files/" + _filename

            return View(documentViewer);

Please, help me. Thanks

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