FileUltimate: Left Pane cannot be scrolled on mobile phones
Problem reported by C.Hasler - 11/26/2020 at 5:12 AM

We use FileUltimate in a .Net Core 2.1 project where we display the FileUltimate explorer so our clients can download files. The files are in many nested subdirectories. On Mobile Phones the folders in the left pane can only be scrolled vertically, but not horizontally. Are there any settings with them we can enable horizontal scrolling on mobile phones?

Additionally the FileUltimate file explorer shows some times in Firefox and sometimes not... Is this problem known? if yes, how can I fix this?

We use FileUltimate 7.8.1 on .Net Core 2.1. For the design we use the newest version of Bootstrap 4.

Thanks for any help.
Best regards
C. Hasler

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