DocumentUltimage Not Showing on IIS Server ?
Question asked by Ramon Diaz Perez - 9/18/2020 at 8:25 AM

I wish to use DocumentUltimate in  a Web Application thats will be showing some docs for people related to our business. 
I am using a Visual Studio 2012, with a Web Form application (Net 4.5.2) , and it work great within VS.
The project as been sleeping for a few months and now after restaring the developpment, our trial version has expired but i think it's ok for now as the project is not live, nor finished.
The issue is, when publishing to the IIS server, the plugin doesn't show anymore, (was working at some point last year).
It doesn't seems to report any error in the html result code, the document cache folder seems to be uptaded with the document loaded, but there just a blank space displayed.
I wish i could resolve this issue, because this is just what we need.

I don't know where to look for a clue, any help will be welcome.
Thanks i advance.

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Ramon Diaz Perez Replied
After reflexion. I wonder if the issue doesn't come from the fact that the product is in trial version.
The docultimate need some kind of timestap to know if the trial version has expired, but when i copied the trial version to the iss server, maybe it lost that indication (on the IIs server) then it does not know when it was first deployed, and  whether or not to show the 'red watermark'.

I really want to use this soft, but before buying i want to be sure it will work. I am in a kind on dead end.

Ramon Diaz Perez Replied
Ok, sorry for the bad info in my first post
in the cache folder of the IIS server i only get 2 files :

xxxxxxxxxxx.pdf.sourceName           date 22-09-20         SOURCENAME file         0KB
xxxxxxxxx.json                                          22-09-20        JSON File                       2KB

on the dev computer its as two more files
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                     22-09-20         Adobe Acrobat Doc        277 Kb
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                    22-09-20        XPZ File                          366 Kb.

Here the content of the JSON file on the ISS :

  "CacheSourceKey": "qnmdmy",
  "CachePdfKey": "qnmdmy/qnmdmy-84k8vm.pdf",
  "CacheXpzKey": "qnmdmy/qnmdmy-1vawqwo.xpz",
  "CacheInfoKey": "qnmdmy/qnmdmy-1vawqwo.json",
  "CacheCopyKey": null,
  "Document": "2. RAAD VAN BESTUUR 13 mei 2020 - CEO RAPPORT.pdf",
  "DocumentHandlerType": null,
  "DocumentHandlerParameters": null,
  "DocumentLocation": "E:\\NET_CODE\\reprodocs\\temp",
  "DocumentFileName": "2. RAAD VAN BESTUUR 13 mei 2020 - CEO RAPPORT.pdf",
  "InputOptions": {
    "Format": "Pdf",
    "Password": null
  "PdfOutputOptions": {
    "Watermarks": [
        "$type": "GleamTech.DocumentUltimate.TextWatermark, GleamTech.DocumentUltimate",
        "Text": "DocumentUltimate",
        "TextAlignment": "Left",
        "Font": null,
        "FontColor": "Red",
        "UseFontSize": false,
        "HorizontalAlignment": "Center",
        "VerticalAlignment": "Center",
        "HorizontalDistance": 0.0,
        "VerticalDistance": 0.0,
        "DistanceIsPercentage": false,
        "Width": 50.0,
        "Height": 50.0,
        "SizeIsPercentage": true,
        "Rotation": 0.0,
        "Opacity": 50.0,
        "InBackground": false,
        "AnnotationMode": false,
        "PrintVisible": true,
        "ScreenVisible": true,
        "PageRange": "all"
    "FastWebViewEnabled": false,
    "Password": null,
    "Format": "Pdf"
  "XpzOutputOptions": {
    "Password": "qnmdmy",
    "HighQualityEnabled": false,
    "Format": "Xpz"

Any hints on what is thr problem.?

Any help will be welcome.
Thanks in advance.

Ramon Diaz Perez Replied
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Sorry for wasting your time folks.

I have found it was due to Urlscan.

Will comme back next few days to buy the product.

Cem Alacayir Replied
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Ok thanks for the feedback, it looks similar to:

For future refence, can you et me know which Urlscan setting caused "js and css not being loaded" problem?

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