DocumentUltimate: Hangs on Azure with high CPU and RAM (Private Bytes)
Problem reported by Alessandro Rossetto - 7/20/2020 at 12:28 AM
Hi everyone,

Has any of you ever experienced high CPU/RAM issues using DocumentUltimate on Azure App Service?
My app does only previews of documents smaller than 5 MB and text documents smaller than 64 KB, about 30 documents per minute on average, 2 concurrent documents average, so not big numbers to me.

It runs smoothly, but suddenly the app hangs, private bytes rise from 500MB to 4GB, CPU from 20% to 100% and becomes unrensponsive, it needs to be restarted.

Tried on .NET 4.7 and .NET Core 3.1, tried with cache on disk, on blobs, and without cache.
Tried almost every configuration, nothing changes.
Tired to analyze some dumps, with no luck.

Any one of you has ever experienced issues like this?

Alessandro Rossetto

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