Seekable stream off of http video resource
Problem reported by S K - 7/14/2020 at 3:00 PM
Hello Folks!

I have a video source that's located in the web (usual https://blah.mp4 etc)

I am trying to cut a thumbnail without having to download the entire video (the video can be huge)

I tried to use the code below, but I am getting the error "Stream must be seekable"

I would appreciate any ideas on how to go about cutting thumbnails from a
url without having to d/l the entire video.

I would also appreciate a critique of my spin lock technique.


string fileUrl = "https:/....";
WebResponse objResponse = WebRequest.Create(fileUrl).GetResponse();
Stream stream = objResponse.GetResponseStream();
using (var videoFrameReader = new VideoFrameReader(stream))
    while (!videoFrameReader.Read()) //Only if frame was read successfully
      /* Spin lock with sleep for 500 ms till we get at least one frame */

     using (var frame = videoFrameReader.GetFrame())
          String thumnailDestination = "Local file path";
          frame.Save(thumbnailDestination, ImageFormat.Jpeg);


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Cem Alacayir Replied
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VideoUltimate already supports URLs:

Type: System.String
The path to the video file to load. URLs are also supported.
So you simply do this:

using (var videoFrameReader = new VideoFrameReader(""))

using (var videoThumbnailer = new VideoThumbnailer(""))
S K Replied
Thanks! That really helped.

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