Technical queries around FileVista (pre-sales)
Question asked by Tom - 11/4/2019 at 6:37 AM

I'm interested in purchasing FileVista for an internal project with multiple users. I've been using the trial version and so far I really like the functionality and user experience, but I do have a few queries...

1. How can I alter the CSS or apply a custom CSS override? I can see its being generated from "resource.ashx", but can't see how to edit or override (forgive me I'm not super familiar with ASP.NET).

2. How can I change body, subject, etc of the email notifications?

3. It is possible to integrate Single Sign On with ADFS?

4. When viewing multiple images, is there any kind of Gallery view?

5. Is it possible to add meta data, tags, etc to files?

6. Can we do hotlink protection? (Can this be done via web.config?)

7. Is there a watermark feature?

8. Is it possible to schedule files to be automatically published on a specific date/time?

9. Do you have a mobile app?

Many thanks

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