How to add context menu item for fileultimate control dynamically for each file or folder?
Question asked by karan shah - 10/17/2019 at 5:37 AM
Hi All,

I would like to share my scenario.please give me reply on that.

I am using File-ultimate Control with my web application and which is built in MVC.

I would like to create context menu and want to make one of menu item disable or delete for specific file or folder based on predefined condition at run-time.

For example,
In my system,there are multiple users who can create / upload new file or folder in root path using File Ultimate control.

In my database , i have saved data for each file or folder and userid who created or uploaded that file or folder.

I want to add one menu-item "Assign Roles" in context menu and this menu item should only access or visible on those files or folder which is created by that user 

when other user logged in with system,he is not able to see this menu item or is not able to access this menu item on those files or folder which are not created by logged in user.

So How can I achieve this requirement?

any help would be highly appreciable.

With Regards,
Karan Shah

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