How to select a folder or file from javascript
Question asked by Peter Drugge - 10/2/2019 at 5:44 AM
I have a webpage that uses one instance of a FileUltimate file manager. On that page I have several input boxes. The user can click on an input box to open a file picker. When a file has been selected, the input box gets updated with the file name. This works great. 

BUT, when the user clicks on a input box with an already selected file, the file picker is opened up in the root folder. I want to be able to either select the folder where the file is in or, even better, to select the actual file. I know that I can choose an InitialFolder on server side, but since I use one manager for all inputs I need to do it in javascript when the fileManager is opened.

Is there a way to manually select a folder or file using javascript? For example:


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Peter Drugge Replied
I found a way:

fileManager.initialFolder = "[Drive]:\folder1\folder2";

Please let me know if there is some way to select a file in a similar way.

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