Error whit GleamTech.Core.dll
Problem reported by Pablo Castañeda - 8/29/2018 at 6:21 AM
Hello, we have acquired the library using the implementation as indicated by stop when trying to run the file marks this exception and we do not understand that since it marks the error in a function of System.Web.SessionState this is Response.Write(Session("cost_state"), you can help us as much as possible, Thank you

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Cem Alacayir Replied
Employee Post
Are you you are using the DLL version from the same set?
For example for the latest version, these DLL versions should be used:
GleamTech.Core     3.1.2
ImageUltimate      3.2.0
VideoUltimate      1.9.0
DocumentUltimate   4.1.5
FileUltimate       6.1.5
Pablo Castañeda Replied
We use this version DocumentUltimate-v4.1.5.0 and the last version of GleamTeach.core , because that was been the link of sales department of GleamTech give us. And when we try insert the license key in other version, said it is not a license key for this old version.
Pablo Castañeda Replied

Hello Cem, I do not know if you can answer us as soon as possible, thank you very much



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