Changing from Windows Authentication to Forms Authentication
Question asked by K'Ron Simmons - 6/25/2018 at 8:20 AM
Hello! I am currently using FileVista and it is configured to use HTTP authentication in the Internet Information Services manager and integrated with an Active Directory infrastructure. I am trying to switch it over to Forms authentication but so far my attempts have been unsuccessful. 
So far, I have changed the method of authentication to Forms authentication in the IIS manager and disabled all of the others except for Anonymous Authentication and ASP.NET impersonation authentication. In the web config, I changed the authentication mode from Windows to Forms and <allow users> to all. After this, I was directed to the login.aspx page upon visiting the site instead of having a pop-up displayed to sign me in. 
Although all of this has been successful, I am unable to log in to the site with the same credentials I have used previously when the Authentication mode was set to Windows. I then log in as Admin to verify that all of the users were still there and they indeed were. Yet, when I log in as a normal user, I am met with an "Invalid username or Password" error. The end goal is to use session instead of sending credentials via HTTP. Does anyone have any insight as to why this could be happening?

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