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Question asked by Sandeep Mohanadasan - 4/2/2018 at 2:42 AM
It is taking almost 10 seconds to load the document at initial time.Could you please suggest any performance improvement technique on loading document viewer
Note:I am using Ver ,i am not able access ComponentRenderer.

Below is my code

@using GleamTech.AspNet.Mvc
@using GleamTech.DocumentUltimate
@using GleamTech.DocumentUltimate.AspNet
@using GleamTech.DocumentUltimate.AspNet.UI

<!DOCTYPE html>


var documentViewer = new DocumentViewer
Height = 900,
Document = ViewBag.URL//URL passed from controller


<title>Document Viewer</title>

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Cem Alacayir Replied
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From the docs:
Upon first view, internally DocumentViewer will convert the source document to PDF (used for "Download as Pdf" and also for next conversion step) and then to XPZ (a special web-friendly format which DocumentViewer uses to actually render documents in the browser). So in this case the user will see "please wait awhile..." message in the viewer for a few seconds. These generated PDF and XPZ files will be cached and upon consecutive page views, the document will be served directly from the cache so the user will see the document instantly on second viewing. When you modify the source document, the cached files are invalidated so your original document and the corresponding cached files are always synced automatically. Note that it's also possible to pre-cache documents via DocumentCache.PreCacheDocument method (e.g. when your user uploads a document), see General Samples for more information.
Sandeep Mohanadasan Replied
Hi cem,
Thanks for your input
Siddharth Singh Replied
Hi I am facing error of slow loading of PDF files. I don't need download option, so disabled it. Also I don't need file in cache because I'm using encrypted files and they render every time.
How could I increase the loading time. Please help me!
new user Replied
I second request for option not to have/keep PDF. it's takes time to convert and space in hard drive.
If client request PDF I can always use convert class to make one.

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