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Question asked by AbDullah AlZahrani - 3/17/2018 at 3:51 AM
Hello ,
I'm planning to buy  DocumentUltimate , but please before please my following Question :
- Can I have control of ( Print , Download , View Specific pages ... etc )
Thank you

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Cem Alacayir Replied
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By control, do you mean disable some actions?
You can do it with DeniedPermissions property:
You can also subscribe to the client-side events raised by DocumentViewer and e.g. show messages to the user:
Ravindran Raghu Replied
Dear Support,

I'm a User of Gleamtech DocumentUltimate for .NET . I was able to set single DeniedPermissions for a document.
How do I set multiple denied permissions by default. I want to restrict Download, Download as PDF and Print. All 3 , not just 1 denied permission.

documentViewer.DeniedPermissions = DocumentViewerPermissions.DownloadAsPdf;
documentViewer.DeniedPermissions = DocumentViewerPermissions.Download;

last one overrides the first one. 
Cem Alacayir Replied
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From the docs (and intellisense in VS):

Public propertyDeniedPermissionsGets or sets a value that specifies the denied permissions for the document viewer. The default is None. Denied permissions take precedence over allowed permissions. For instance, when AllowedPermissions is set to All and DeniedPermissions is set to Download and Print all permissions except Download and Print will be allowed. When combining permissions, they should be separated by comma in string and by bitwise 'or' operator in code (| in C# and OR in VB).

So you simply combine "Flags Enum":

documentViewer.DeniedPermissions = DocumentViewerPermissions.DownloadAsPdf | DocumentViewerPermissions.Download;
Ravindran Raghu Replied
Thanks a lot team. It worked for me. 

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