Drag an outlook message OR an attachment in Outlook to the drop area not working
Question asked by Mike Bohlken - February 16 at 5:40 PM
Am I missing something?  Should I be able to drag and attachment or an email message from my outlook to the drop area of FileUltimate?  

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Cem Alacayir Replied
Employee Post
As of current version, drag and drop feature works like this:
  1. You can completely drag and drop within FileManager, files or folders.
  2. For uploading, you need to drag and drop files from your desktop to the Upload window. If you drop into the FileManager it will not work. Also you can only drag files not folders.
  3. You cannot drag and drop from FileManager to your desktop. You need to double click or click Download button to download files.
Note that these limitations were mainly caused by the browser standards. As the FileManager runs inside the browser, it’s limited by browser’s permissions/features.
However recent browsers implemented new features so allowing number 2 is on our to-do list. Number 3 is more complicated but we will check if it’s possible now.

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