ExcludedExtensionsForPreview does not exclude file extensions from preview
Problem reported by Lara Newsom - 1/26/2018 at 9:34 AM
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Any idea why ExcludedExtensionsForPreview is not working? I've also tried it with "*" and ".*" which also does not work. We want to disable all previewing since we are not able to pre-cache the files and some of our documents are taking over a minute to load in preview.
We are currently using FileUltimate version 5.16.0 and GleamTech.Core version 2.0.1 
            FileManager fileManager = new FileManager()
                Width = Unit.Percentage(80),
                Height = 500,
                Resizable = true,
                DownloadOnDoubleClick = false,
                ViewLayout = ViewLayout.MediumIcons,
                ExcludedExtensionsForPreview = ".pdf, .xls, .doc, .docx"

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Cem Alacayir Replied
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Firstly you should not include dots before extensions in the property:
ExcludedExtensionsForPreview = "pdf, xls, doc, docx"
This way the property would work as expected but you would still need to list all extensions (no match-all setting here).
For disabling all previewing, instead you should deny Preview permission for your root folder:
var rootFolder = new FileManagerRootFolder
    Name = "My root folder",
    Location = "c:\root\folder"

rootFolder.AccessControls.Add(new FileManagerAccessControl
    Path = @"\",
    AllowedPermissions = FileManagerPermissions.Full,
    DeniedPermissions = FileManagerPermissions.Preview

Minh Lam Replied
How do I disable all previewing in FileVista, please?

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