PDF's aren't displaying in the document viewer
Problem reported by Stephen Gibbs - 11/22/2017 at 5:25 AM
We are storing files within a filetable in our database. Then we get the fileshare location from the database and point documentultimate towards that location. All files work except for PDFs. And it even works on our local project but not on our development server.
Would very much appreciate any insight.
Any pdf's that are selected show the following error...
Message: The request is not supported.
Conditional expression: ip::interprocess_exception
Version : 2.7.4
Filename : MappingManager.cpp
Function : trn::Filters::MappingManager::CreateMapping
Linenumber : 407
Edit: Created a button which would download the file from the file share onto the users machine and that works. There should be no reason for this error to occur on our dev server.

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