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Question asked by Manh Tran Van - 9/4/2017 at 8:00 PM
I want to convert from Excel file to txt file.
I did the following: convert excel file into html file then converted to plain text but time too long.
If I convert from excel file to pdf file and then convert to plain text, I lose the space between the lines.
Is there a faster way to convert without losing the space?

Currently I have tried using:
Step 1: convert file excel to html file
step 2: convert all file html to plain text
step 3: read text from plain text
But the processing speed is very slow ( >5 minute )

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Cem Alacayir Replied
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You can directly convert to spreadsheet text formats:
Csv - Comma Separated Values File.
Tsv - Tab Separated Values File.
Dif  - Data Interchange Format.
If you have a lot of sheets, do you need to convert all sheets? 
Because you can choose sheets by passing input options to the Convert method:
new SpreadsheetInputOptions
    OutputSheetRange = new SheetRange("active")
The range is specified as a string in the following forms or combination thereof:
single value
sequence of values
closed range
open range (converted to a sequence from 1 to 5)
open range (converted to a sequence from 1 to final sheet)
keyword representing all sheet numbers.
keyword representing odd sheet numbers.
keyword representing even sheet numbers.
keyword representing the active sheet number.
keyword representing visible sheet numbers.
The value delimiter can be either ',' or ';' and the range separator can be either '-' or ':'. Whitespace is permitted at any point in the input.
Any elements of the sequence that contain non-digit, non-whitespace, or non-separator characters or that are empty are ignored.

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