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Idea shared by dana - 6/26/2017 at 10:51 AM
We use FileUltimate to let customers access files on our servers, but are looking to move our storage to the cloud.  It appears that there is support for AWS S3 Buckets, but not support for Azure Blob Storage.  There is another post in this forum (I am unfortunately unable to provide a link due to my account being restricted) where Cem mentioned that this was planned for the future. I just wanted to make sure that you guys knew there that we would like to see this feature implemented.
Thank you!

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Cem Alacayir Replied
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FYI, this is now available in FileUltimate v5.11.0

Added: Azure Blob File System. You can now use an Azure Blob container like a regular folder on disk.
To create a root folder pointing to an Azure Blob container, you set the Location property like this:

rootFolder.Location = new AzureBlobLocation
    //Leave path empty to connect to the root of the container. 
    //For subfolders, path should be specified as a relative path
    //without leading slash (eg. "some/folder")
    Path = "", 
    //Get these values from your Azure Portal (Storage Account -> Access Keys -> Connection String)
    Container = "myContainerName",
    AccountName = "myAccountName",
    AccountKey = "myAccountKey",
    //These are the default values, usually you don't need to set/change them
    UseHttps = true,
    EndpointSuffix = "core.windows.net"
Awesome! I look forward to giving this a whirl. I'll post again if I have any feedback. Thanks for the update.

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