DocumentUltimate and filling the screen on loading
Question asked by Bob Smith - 3/24/2017 at 5:44 AM
I am creating a demo of DocumentUltimate using the trial version to make sure it fits my company and client's needs.  I am having trouble getting the tool to automatically fill the screen with FullViewport option.  It will automatically take the width of the browser, but loads with a small height (<300px).  I have looked through some of the documentation with no solution that I have been able to find.  I have also tried some CSS changes with classes and ids, but those seem sub-optimal for a solution.  How can I get DocumentUltimate to fill both the width and the height of the browser automatically?  Thank You.

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Bob Smith Replied
I did find a way with jQuery to resolve this issue, but it would be nice if it was handled by the viewer automatically.
jQuery Code:
$(document).ready(function () {

$(window).resize(function () {
function ChangeDocumentViewerSize() {
Steve Brown Replied
Thanks for posting this code. I was banging my head on this one. I'm surprised the issue hasn't been raised more. Perhaps it's because the control is in a div in our case.

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