Is there a way to paginate docs when changing format i.e. from xlsx to jpg?
Question asked by Simon Hudson - 11/24/2016 at 5:43 AM
it would really useful if you could set a page height and the exporter would then create the number of pages to cater for that

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Cem Alacayir Replied
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FYI, the new v2.5.0 includes improvements for spreadsheets (xlsx etc.):
var inputOptions = new SpreadsheetInputOptions
	//Only visible sheets
	OutputSheetRange = new SheetRange("visible"), 
	//All columns of a spreadsheet should fit to the same page (do not break)
	RenderColumnsFitToPages = 1
	//All rows of a spreadsheet should fit to the same page
	RenderRowsFitToPages = 1

	//All rows of a spreadsheet should fit to 2 pages
	//RenderRowsFitToPages = 2 

DocumentUltimate.DocumentConverter.Convert(inputDocument, inputOptions, outputDocument);
For example if you set RenderColumnsFitToPages to 5 and  if you have 50 columns then you will get 5 pages with 10 columns on each. When RenderColumnsFitToPages set to 0, it means it’s not limited and the columns may be broken into many pages as required. Usually the most useful setting is 1 because this way, all columns will be on the same page and you can always pan and zoom in the viewer.
For your specific question, you would be interested in RenderRowsFitToPages, for example if you set it to 5 you will get 5 pages for the whole spreadsheet.
ismail saleh Replied
Do you have this feature "SpreadsheetInputOptions" as well to PDF or DOCX, please help me i need to make the user to view only the page which has access to
please note that i am using version 2.8.0
please help

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