“Path cannot be discovered” error when user account does not have access to root folder
Problem reported by Mark Gerow - 10/6/2016 at 11:58 AM
It appears as though when a user has been granted (either directly or through group membership) to a sub-folder, but not to the root folder that sub-folder belongs to, FileVista displays error message “Path cannot be discovered” when building tree view of root folders.
Steps to reproduce:
1.    Create a sub-folder off of a root folder
2.    Create a new group
3.    Create a new user account
4.    Place user account created in step #3 in group created in step #2 (i.e. that does not otherwise have access to the root folder containing the sub-folder created in step #1)
5.    Break inheritance on sub-folder created in step #1
6.    Add group created in step #2 to sub-folder created in step #1
7.    Login as user created in step #3
8.    You should see “Path cannot be discovered” error
Mark Gerow

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