Upload of large files stops
Problem reported by S+R Data-Service - 9/26/2016 at 11:22 AM
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i'm currently testing FileVista. I primarily need it for transfering large files (3 - 15 GB). I'm trying to upload a 6 GB file for the third time now, and it always stops working after uploading around 2 GB. Stops working means, that the upload-dialog freezes at one point end will never be updated again. When I hit cancel, the login-dialog shows zu.
Is it a problem with session-handling? Or is there some kind of limitation in the trial-version?
Filevista: v7.5.0.0 (Trial)
Server: 2012 R2.
Client: IE 11
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Justin Azevedo Replied
I'm having the same problem. 
Cem Alacayir Replied
Employee Post
Are you uploading to AmazonS3 RootFolder? If so, that may explain the problem because for AmazonS3 the file is first uploaded to the server (memory) then to AmazonS3. So your server may be running out of memory (that may explain 2GB limit you are hitting) before actually starting to upload to AmazonS3. We plan to improve AmazonS3 upload so that it's directly uploaded from the browser to AmazonS3 in future versions.
For Physical RootFolders, there should be no problems even with a 15 GB file because it's directly persisted to disk.

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