Page refresh on first load of FileUltimate
Problem reported by Alexandre Boucher - 8/25/2016 at 12:04 PM
When I start my IIS Express on my machien using Visual Studio, the first time I load the page with FileUltimate in it, the page loads and then refreshes. After that, I'm good too use the control, even if I refresh the page or come back later, but as soon that the Application Pool restarts, the same problem occurs. The page gets refreshed after first load.
I'm using ASP.NET MVC by the way, if this can make a difference.

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Cem Alacayir Replied
Employee Post
FileManager will refresh the host page when the session has expired or session is not found so it's expected behavior when Application Pool restarts. The reason it tries to refresh the page is that FileManager does not know or interested in your authentication mechanism; for example if you have a login page in your site FileManager will not know about it so it simply refreshes its host page expecting that your site redirects to your login page automatically.
So when you start debugging your project with Visual Studio (F5 or CTRL+F5), does the page load and refresh? This is not expected behavior, you should observe a refresh only if session expires or .Net AppDomain is restarted.
Alexandre Boucher Replied
Ok it's fine then, because I only get a page refresh when I start the project after code modifications (so apppool is restarted). But if I simply stop debugging with VS and then start the project again, I don't get a Page refresh.

But is there a way to prevent this behavior, as redirection to my login page is already handled by my own code?

Thank you!

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