Mapped Drive to Sharepoint/Office 365
Question asked by Ron - August 24, 2016 at 1:31 PM
I've been able to point FileUltimate at a Document Library on Office 365 through a mapped drive. 
I use the following for the location....
rootFolder2.Location = "Path=" & "\\\DavWWWRoot\Site\Folder\123" & "; User Name=" & ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("FileManagerAttachUser") & "; Password=" & ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("FileManagerAttachPassword")
It's been working fine in Visual Studio Dev Environment, but when I deploy it out to IIS I get a communication error and nothing is reported to the fileManager.Failed handler ( AddHandler fileManager.Failed, AddressOf FileManagerFailed)
Do you have any suggestions on the reason for the failure on IIS? What would be blocking it, etc.?

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