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Question asked by Sion Lewis - 7/28/2016 at 8:59 AM
Hello, hopefully someone can help!
Looked through the community but not found anything that matches the version im on.
Currently running v6.7.5.0
We have locked out our Admin account on the system. Its now saying the user is locked. We dont have another account with the same privileges and now need to reset the password.
We have full access to the server, IIS and the domain etc.
Hopefully someone can assist.
Thanks for your help

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Cem Alacayir Replied
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If the administrator account is locked, you can use the recovery mode to reset your password:
Edit FileVista\Filevista.config and do the yellow highlighted change, i.e. change value False to True
For older versions, edit FileVista\App_Data\Filevista.config, the setting was like this so change the value 0 to 1:
<add key=" RecoveryMode" value="1" />
After the change save the file and then go to the login page, enter username (eg. admin) and leave password field empty and login. FileVista will let you in and then prompt you to enter a new password.
Sion Lewis Replied
Thanks will give that a try
Sion Lewis Replied
Thanks This works

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