Does FileVista support authenication off of Active Directory or an LDAP database?
Question asked by Cosmo Mathieu - July 17, 2015 at 9:17 AM
We are looking to implement FileVista as an affordable document management system. But we are looking to manage users centrally via AD and not having to create duplicated accounts in FileVista to mirror the LDAP users.
Is there no way to hook up filevista directly to AD and not tie them to users in the filevista database? We have close to 200+ users and I want to centrally manage them within AD.
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Cem Alacayir Replied
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Yes, "authentication against AD on regular login page" and "bulk-import AD users" features are already available since v6.5.5. You still need to import users as FileVista needs to know their names and store relationships/permissions in its own database. However this does not mean you need to manage them constantly in both places. You do an import once and user passwords are still in AD. Maybe occasionally you may need to rename a user (not likely) or update a user's email.
See these screenshots:
1. You can bulk import users from AD via this menu option:
2. In this window, you can search AD and import selected or all users. Note that, when an imported user tries to log into FileVista, his password will be still authenticated against AD so it will never be out of sync.
Note that no web.config settings are required (ie. no need to change authentication mode of IIS) with this new AD import feature. Imported users will still login at the regular login page (there will be no browser challenge/response window as in previous versions - which is still supported though but new method is preferred)

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